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Download Sword Art Online : Eternal World Patch V2.2.1

Posted by at Dec 17, 2012

Okay Everyone this is the new release patch feel enjoy to download it.

Latest Update Info:
  • New text fix from Alpha 2.2.0
  • Elf War Quest bug fixed
  • Skill bugs Fixed
  • Banana gathering quest bug fixed
  • Elven Lake is now open
Download Link:
Mediafire Link

The Newer Version Here

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  1. does this version include all of your other updates from the other patches

  2. so... What is RTP? Run Time Package?

  3. @Gairy :i think it's include all other patches because it's game data...

    if you read it patch the that was patch...

    @Arklash : yes Run Time Package...

  4. Why I can't load my saves from version 2.0.0.? I don't want to start from the scratch :/

  5. tips from me is backup your save data..
    after that patch it...

    if you still can't find it i'll tell you tomorrow how to make it...

    *i'll test it for all of you..

  6. backup your save data before you patch it with name with Save01.rvdata2
    or Save02.rvdata2

    that it thank you...

  7. hey how can i open this run time package or how can i play it?

  8. when you download this...
    this is only the patch...
    check my post.. the newer version is V.3.0.0


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